Tips for building the AI/ML strategy for an organization in a cost effective way

There have been rapid and exciting developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine learning (ML) for the enterprise. But the developments present an unavoidable question for the CEOs “Where should investments be made to enhance intelligence in an enterprise”.

Following are the key points to consider when thinking of how to extract the most business value from AI/ML enhancements in your organizations.

  1. Hire technical leadership either full time or fractional basis who has a track record in delivering AI/ML initiatives.
  2. Leverage AI/ML services from vendors like Azure and Google (build vs. buy approach).
  3. Understand your business uses cases with the greatest impact areas e.g. customer engagement, employee empowerment, workflow improvements or operations optimization.
  4. Make sure your team understands your organization’s current data sources.
  5. Identify business cases for quick wins for the business. e.g. automating tedious and boring back office finance operations.

By starting on the the Intelligent Enterprise journey, you can make it easier for your organization to become more customer focus, more flexible, and more response to the market demand so they can not only compete but excel in this new experience-driven intelligent economy.

Published by Rizwan khan

Rizwan Khan – CTO | Tech Advisor | Team Builder | Process-Driven Tech Leader I Business Innovation Enthusiast

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