Tips for CEOs on Digital Transformation in 2022 and beyond

Digitalization is the adaption of processes and tools to support digital operations. Digital Transformation (DX) is an absolute necessity in the current era of fast change. There are four key areas where Digital Transformation (DX) can provide immense advantage to any organization including:

  1. Employee’s empowerment
  2. Customer engagement
  3. Operations optimization
  4. Product transformation

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge stress on organizations to apply digitalization in every aspect of the business to improve customer engagement, bring faster employee innovation, increase productivity, and extract more insights from business data.

According to a recent Gartner report, the top three DX goals for companies around the world are:

  1. Automation of business processes
  2. Migration of applications to cloud
  3. Transforming legacy systems to new-age technologies

The digital ecosystems have become increasingly complex and requires tailored approach for each organization to successfully implement DX for better business resilience, faster development, and deployment cycles, reduce risk, faster and better decision making. Following is a list of some key areas where organizations have asked our technical know-how and experience in bringing new and innovative ideas for Digital Transformation:  

  1. Where to best apply automation to optimize business processes?
  2. How to secure systems from cyber threats arising from the demographic changes in work environments?
  3. How to secure data on the edges for better and faster decisions?
  4. How to shorten “Time to Market” cycles?
  5. How to extract faster and more intelligent insights from historical and real-time data?
  6. How to optimize operations to keep the cost in check?
  7. Which applications are better suited for cloud migration, and which one are better fit for redesign and technology upgrade?

Digital Transformation can be done in a phased approach for better cost management and business alignment for maximum ROI.

Published by Rizwan khan

Rizwan Khan – CTO | Tech Advisor | Team Builder | Process-Driven Tech Leader I Business Innovation Enthusiast

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